Bruno Rossi Is Roasted Locally To Be The Freshest For Albert Park Deli Customers.

Blended and roasted from imported beans Bruno Rossi has the strictest quality standards in place to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible.  Our green beans are quality assured and checked on arrival, stored at an even temperature and re-checked prior to roasting.

Roasted daily by our ‘master roaster’ Peter Stathos who is also the chairman for ACTA (Australia’s Coffee Trading Association).  His knowledge and achievements in quality coffee roasting are renowned in the industry.

Inspired by Italy’s love affair with espresso, Bruno Rossi is a rich, dark and full coffee.

Tailored and blended to suit local Melbourne tastes, Bruno Rossi  sources only the finest quality beans from Brazil, one of the largest Arabica bean producers, India and Papua New Guinea.

The blend was developed with coffee purists in mind, especially espresso drinkers, however it’s perfect with milk based drinks where the richness from Brazil, acidity from Indian beans and strong edge from the PNG makes for a delicious cup.